As one of the leading premier wood product producer, we have an extensive range of species of Tropical Hardwood, as well as Heavy Hardwood, Medium Hardwood and Mixed Light Hardwood (MLHW). The forest concession in our sister companies are managed using Sustainable Management System on a rotation cycle basis under the Forest Management Unit (FMU) management system and is regulated by the Forestry Department of Malaysia. Our primary operations are sawmilling, timber treatment, kiln drying and processing of woodchip.


  • Sawntimber of tropical hardwood species
  • Sawntimber is cut to length and of all grades
  • Kiln dried timber of select & better and standard & better grade
  • Treated timber
  • Woodchip


  • To source mainly from the Group own certified forest




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Contact Us

PESAKA TRENGGANU BERHAD -196501000479 - (6267-H)
Kilang Papan Pesaka
Bandar Bukit Besi
23200 Dungun, Terengganu

Tel: +609 833 7232
Fax: +609 833 7231

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